November 1, 2016






1.              CALL TO ORDER


The Fire Task Force convened in a regular meeting at 8:40 AM on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, in the second floor conference room of the South Bay Regional Public Communications Authority, 4440 W. Broadway, Hawthorne, CA.




Present:           Interim Chief Pete Bonano, Hermosa Beach Fire Department

Battalion Chief Scott Hafdell, Manhattan Beach Fire Department

Battalion Chief Mike Nagy, Culver City Fire Department


            Absent:           Battalion Chief Shawn Bonfield, El Segundo Fire Department


            Also Present:  Executive Director Ralph Mailloux

                                    Operations Manager Shannon Kauffman

                                    Administration Manager John Krok



2.              ACTION ITEMS


2a.       Approval of Minutes – October 4, 2016


The Fire Task Force minutes of October 4, 2016 were approved as written, absent Battalion Chief Bonfield.





            Executive Director Mailloux reported on the status of Culver City’s transition to the Authority and the Interoperability Network of the South Bay (INSB), including his election as Chairman of the INSB’s Technical Committee and a potential grant for the purchase of subscriber units to be used on the INSB.



4.              OLD BUSINESS


4a.       Battalion Chief Hafdell advised that the draft Fire Communications Plan is under review by the Area G Operations Group.  Firefighter/Paramedic Craig will provide training relevant to the Plan.


4b.       Operations Manager Kauffman advised that run card changes are scheduled for implementation on December 1, 2016.





5a.       Interim Chief Bonano asked that a “New Business” item be added to the Fire Task Force agendas.


5b.       Administration Manager Krok invited input on the new “Unified Voice System” (formerly known as the ES Chat Network) currently being tested by two employees from each member/contract city.  He confirmed that he will provide Chief Bonano with a reactivation code for the System.


5c.       In answer to a question from Interim Chief Bonano, Executive Director Mailloux explained that Pulse Point cannot be implemented until the new computer aided dispatch (CAD) is up and running.


5d.       Battalion Chief Nagy reported on the status of Culver City’s new computer aided dispatch and records management systems (CAD/RMS).


5e.       Interim Chief Bonano shared information on the possibility of Hermosa Beach Fire Department transitioning to Los Angeles County Fire Department.  He indicated that a decision should be made early in 2017.


5f.        The Fire Task Force agreed with Interim Chief Bonano’s suggestion that the Fire Task Force meetings be scheduled once a month, but that the meetings be cancelled if there are no items to be discussed.



6.              ADJOURNMENT


The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 AM.