Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch

04/11/14 01:00 PM
Category: General

HERMOSA BEACH MOMS was created out of the adversities of three MOMS who recognized that they were brought to their knees with the human suffering that they had arisen from the terrorist attack on our Nation on September 11, 2001, the Asian Tsunami that killed over 100,000 people from coast to coast and then finally by Hurricane Katrina and the levee break.  Adversities are inevitable. We can quit and lose -- or we can keep trying and win. We decided to learn from the misfortunes of others and resurrected a program in Hermosa Beach that had been dismantled formally for over 30 years.  This program is the Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch.  In the past, Neighborhood Watch programs were designed to assist the police department with the prevention of crimes by being aware of ones’ surroundings.  Today, Neighborhood Watch programs have adopted Disaster Preparedness in their education and safety to neighbors. We have developed EDUCATION, COMMUNITY SERVICE and FUNDRAISING FOR OUR HB SCHOOLS with the establishment of Hermosa Beach MOMS and Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch.

Potential Threats include:

• Terrorism and bioterrorism events (at the airport, harbor or directly in Hermosa Beach)

• Disruption of basic utilities (water, power, roads, sewage)

• Epidemics (Flu, West Nile, others)

• Crime

• Natural disasters (flooding, tsunami, earthquake, storm)

Preparedness requires:

• Knowledge and education of your family

• Understanding of basic services available

• Water supply and survival kit

• First aid kit

• Updated immunizations

• Participation in Neighborhood watch